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1. How much does it cost to retain an attorney from Johnsen Law?

Retainer’s start at 2,000.00 The retainer is not a one-time fee and may not cover the entire cost of your case. Johnsen Law understands that life happens and is flexible in providing payment plans. As the attorney works on your case, Johnsen Law will invoice you and transfer funds from the retainer. Once the retainer is depleted, Johnsen Law will ask for a replenishment. If your case is resolved prior to depletion of the retainer, Johnsen Law will issue a refund for the remaining balance.

2. Why should I hire an attorney? Can’t I just do this myself?

While you can certainly be a pro se litigant, you will face many hurdles as you work against experienced attorneys. Pro Se litigants are expected to comply with the rules of civil procedure and the Judge’s standing orders just as experienced attorneys are. Not hiring an attorney can ultimately cost you more money in sanctions, child support, and spousal support if you are not familiar with the law.

3. How long will the court proceedings take?

There is no set amount a time that a court proceeding will or should take. The more contested and complex your matter, the longer it could take. A settlement is always the fastest and most cost-efficient way to end your case, but it isn’t always possible.

4. What happens at the initial consultation?

The initial consultation will happen at our office in the Loop. An attorney from Johnsen Law will sit with you to discuss your case and learn how you would like to proceed. After getting detailed facts regarding your case, the attorney will be able to discuss billing with you. Should you choose to retain at that time, the attorney will discuss the next steps and begin immediately working on your case.

5. What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which both parties are in agreement to the divorce, custody of the children, and division of property and debts prior to seeking help from an attorney. Typically, an uncontested divorce requires filing of the documents, drafting the Marital Settlement Agreement and Joint Parenting Agreement, if necessary, and conducting prove up. The parties are in complete agreement from beginning to end.

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